#Breadgate claims another victim: Raising Cane's Texas Toast

Raising Cane's won't be serving their signature Texas Toast in the state until quality issues are resolved. (Photo: CBS Austin)

Yet another restaurant chain in Texas is having issues with their bread products, causing them to be pulled from the menu.

This time, it's Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers.

According to a spokesperson, Cane's isn't serving their Texas Toast in the state due to the product not meeting their quality standards for taste:

At Raising Cane’s, we never sacrifice quality and because of this, our Texas restaurants are regrettably not serving our Texas toast. This is not a food safety issue. Our bread delivery did not meet our high quality standards for taste and therefore we are offering customers a substitution of another side item or additional chicken finger. We are hoping to have this resolved by tomorrow.
Tommy Van Wolfe
Vice President of Company Restaurants
Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

Cane's joins Whataburger, who earlier Wednesday said they were forced to pull their Texas Toast and white buns from some locations due to the same concerns, and In-N-Out Burger, which closed all of their Texas locations for two days this week to sort their bun problems out.

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