Bastrop County Commissioner charged with abuse of official capacity

Bubba Snowden is facing three charges of abuse of official capacity. (Photo courtesy: Bastrop County Sheriff's Office)

A Bastrop County Commissioner accused of official misconduct says he's innocent. Bubba Snowden is out of jail on Wednesday, after being arrested on three charges of abuse of official capacity. He is accused of using county property and personnel to repair and resurface two private roads.

CBS Austin talked to Commissioner Snowden and he says he will not resign from office. He says he is innocent of any wrongdoing and is proud of the work done by Precinct 4 employees to repair the two roads in a time of need.

"We think it's a godsend to be able to get back and forth," said Randy McCann who has driven the road for 32 years.

He's seen Wilbarger Creek Drive get washed out four times by flash floods and can't believe the Bastrop County Commissioner who finally fixed the problem is now being charged with official misconduct.

"I think it's terrible," said McCann.

In the spring of 2016 floodwaters isolated neighbors who live along the road. They were forced to lug in their groceries on foot.

"There's 30 of us, and probably three-fourths of us are over 60, and we had no way in or out," said McCann.

The predicament for the county was that Wilbarger Creek Drive is a private road and other county roads also needed repairs. But in the summer of 2016, past promises were honored and Bastrop County fixed Wilbarger.

A year and a half later Commissioner Bubba Snowden was arrested on charges he knowingly misused county property and personnel to resurface part of Wilbarger Creek Drive and Moon Break Road.

The commissioner says he is innocent and the charges are politically motivated.

Some of the neighbors who live along the two roads agree.

"I'm a Democrat and he's a Republican but I voted for him and always will. I think he helped us out," said McCann. "We were washed out everywhere and they fixed it for us. So I don't understand what the problem is. We're really appreciative."

CBS Austin contacted the Bastrop County District Attorney's Office on Wednesday asking for an interview. So far we have not gotten a response.

Commissioner Snowden says he is looking forward to a public trial to prove his innocence.

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