Bar, distillery, restaurants could take over Georgetown City Hall and council chambers

The city of Georgetown is in the process of selling its current city hall which used to be a post office in downtown Georgetown. (Photo: CBS Austin)

Restaurants, a bar and a distillery could soon take over the current Georgetown City Hall and council chambers.

The City of Georgetown approved a real estate contract to sell its current city hall building and council chambers. The city is planning to move into two new buildings that are under construction on the other side of downtown. Those are set to be done by early 2019.

“We had outgrown our current city hall and it was time to look for something new,” city spokesperson Keith Hutchinson said.

The city is working to finalize the sale by the beginning of 2019. The current city hall and old post office is set to be turned into a bar, restaurant and ballroom. The current council chambers is set to become a restaurant and micro-distillery.

Hutchinson said the city debated selling its visitors center on 7th Street, but council members didn’t approve a sale at this time. “Turning those public uses into a private use, and a private use that will complement our entertainment district, certainly made sense,” Hutchinson said.

Both buildings are in the historic district so they need to have approval to make any changes. The old city hall has multiple historic features, and Hutchinson said any changes need to go to a board first. “There is a board that will review that and make sure that it’s consistent with our downtown guidelines,” Hutchinson said.

Keeping that historic exterior is important for those in the area. “What’s inside doesn’t matter I think, the outside is what does matter,” manager of 600 Degrees Kenneth Hay said.

Hay helped start up 600 Degrees pizza four years ago in downtown Georgetown. They’re right across the street from the old city hall. “Four and a half years ago when we moved in there wasn’t much down here and now more companies keep coming,” Hay said.

Hay said more businesses moving in is a good thing, and he’s not scared of the competition across the street. “Whatever brings more people the better, people need to experience downtown Georgetown,” Hay said. “Life is back to Georgetown again, it wasn’t like that for a while.”

“We are one of the fastest growing cities in the country so there’s a lot of people that want to be here," Hutchinson said.

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