Baby King Jay Davila case inspires father to keep his own daughter safe

(Photo: Father of 2-year-old)

An investigation is underway after a two-year-old suffered a serious injury to her face, and the toddler's family reached out for help after hearing the tragedy of baby King Jay Davila's death.

It was two weeks ago that the baby's grandmother went to pick her up and discovered the 2-year-old with an untreated cut and swelling across her eye. The father appeared for a child custody hearing and is trying to do whatever he can to keep his daughter safe in his care.

The photos are hard to look at but with the father's permission, he's allowing them to be part of the story to show a raw look at alleged child abuse. He wore his sunglasses while speaking with us to cover his tears.

She has her whole eye swollen shut, she had a gash about 3-4 inches on eyebrow and the excuses of how she got it changed numerous times.

This is how the father's mother - the baby's grandmother - found her when she went to pick up her up from the baby's mother's house.. The father says his baby was neglected without medical attention.

"Right now, it's her eye and later, it could be something," the father said. "My daughter is not going to be a case of should of, could of, would of case."

The father is now fighting to make sure the 2-year-old is not put back in that situation.

Recent alleged child abuse cases, including the death of 8-month-old King Jay, has pushed his family to speak up.

The father says child protective services has granted emergency custody to the baby's grandma for now, and he is actively working to keep it that way.

After the grandma took the baby to the hospital, the father says he filed a report with Uvalde police but still no arrests have been made. Police were unavailable to speak with us about the case.

We did speak with Child Protective Services over the phone but they were not able to comment on specifics of any cases.

They did provide us with information on reporting and the custody process in these situations. To learn more visit their website HERE...

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