Austin's water utility says it's ready for forecasted heavy rain on Friday

Minor flooding was reported in Downtown Austin and along the shores of Lady Bird Lake during October's heavy rain. (CBS Austin)

Things are back to normal at Mansfield Dam, at the water treatment plants, and along the Highland Lakes.

It's a very different picture than the end of October, when record rainfall into the Llano River triggered flooding downstream, and finally overwhelmed Austin's water treatment plants.

"We're feeling very confident about our system, our systems are fully restored and recovered," said Greg Mezaros, the director of Austin Water. "I want to emphasize this was a highly unusual event, you know our water systems handle hundreds of high rain events without incident," he said.

With potentially heavy rain forecasted in Central Texas on Friday, there are some jitters. But Mezaros says the utility doesn't expect a repeat of weeks ago. "That Llano River flooding was really an historic event and hopefully we don't experience anything like that in the near future, but I think we're ready for things to come in the future."

Meantime, Austin Water is still studying what happened during the boil water notice in order to better respond if there's a next time. "We have learned a lot about how to operate our plants through a historic upset like that," said Mezaros.

Austin Water also is now a case study for other big city utilities around the country. "We've already been getting a lot of questions with regards to that. Everyone is facing a future of increased weather risk with climate change," Mezaros said.

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