Austin's amazing exotic car collection you'll have to see to believe

In a modern-day stable in north Austin, unbridled, exotic horse power is lined up from wall to wall. (CBS Austin)

With the flip of four switches a giant Disneyland for car lovers is revealed under fluorescent lights.

"This is the Petrol Lounge," Manager Kevin Childers said.

In a modern-day stable in North Austin, unbridled, exotic horse power is lined up from wall to wall. About half of these perfectly polished pieces of metal and carbon fiber are owned by Austinite Jeff Mosing

He says it all started way back with a Matchbox collection. "A lot of the collection that I have here in the building reflects pretty much what I had as miniatures as a kid," Mosing said. "There's muscle cars. There's exotics, sports cars, classics, really odd stuff that you really wouldn't see in the US."

He has more than a dozen Porsche's, some race cars and one of his favorites is the Magnum PI Ferrari. "It's a 1988 Ferrari 328, a GTB," Mosing said. "Like many people in my age group Magnum PI left a mark. You know right at the intro of the show where he does the wink and he takes off in the dirt, you know spinning the tires"

His rarest ride is a Viper hybrid. It is one of only four made so far. A Viper based VLF-Force One with 745 horsepower. "These are running anywhere from the $250,000 to $300,000 plus range," Mosing said.

The rest of the cars in this warehouse are owned by the members of the Petrol Lounge auto club. "Everything from a 48 MG on up to a brand-new Corvette Grand Sport," Childers said.

This also includes Paul Walker's Saleen, a vintage Ford truck, souped-up racing Miatas and Lambo that would even make Jay Leno's garage green with envy. "Ahh... the Lamborghini Huracan," Childers said. "It's one of our customers. All wheel drive, 610 horsepower, naturally aspirated and sounds glorious."

In this age of electric and self-driving cars, Mosing says he hopes his collection revs up the passion of the younger generation to keep these cars on the road. "It's how it emotionally moves you when you look at it," Mosing said. "How you see it going down the street. That's why I think it's very important to get these cars out and drive them so that the younger generation can see them and moving around and they have to ask their parents what it is that they just saw go by.

The Petrol Lounge is not open to the public but Childers says you can see these cars driving around Austin almost every day.

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