Austin runner pushed wife to safety before getting hit by car

An Austin runner says a car's mirror hit his arm after the car swerved into the bike lane. (Photo: CBS Austin)

An Austin runner has a message for drivers after he had to shove his wife out of the way before a car hit him on a neighborhood street.

Justin Green lives in Northwest Austin and was running with his wife Thursday evening. They were in the bike lane running on the left side of the street with headlamps on. That’s when they saw a car ahead coming towards them in the bike lane.

“That’s when I had to push my wife onto the curb to avoid us getting hit,” Green said.

Green shouldered his wife to safety, but then the car’s mirror hit his arm.

“Fortunately, I was able to move over enough that only my arm got hit and I did not get fully impacted,” Green said. “And then the car chose to honk its horn at me and then continued to drive on"

After the impact, he said his arm was bruised but it didn’t hurt too bad. He said he wasn’t scared, just angry. “I was more angry at that point because it was endangering somebody besides myself,” Green said.

Green, an avid cyclist as well, says this is all too common. “Sadly after years of riding a bicycle I’ve kind of gotten used to having to watch out for cars doing that,” Green said.

He said they live on windy, neighborhood streets and cars often cut corners going into the bike lanes. However, he said many cyclists, runners and dog walkers use those bike lanes in their active community. “People need to be more aware of others besides themselves,” Green said.

In a time when runners are training for races like the Austin Marathon, there are more and more runners, cyclists and now scooters on the road.

Plus there isn’t as much daylight. “I think the problem gets magnified when you have, we have reduced daylight this time of year,” Green said.

That’s why he said drivers always need to stay off their phones, pay attention and share the road. “At the end of the day we’re all somebody’s husband, wife, brother, mother, we all have a family we want to get back home to, whoever that is and we all have a right to share that same space,” Green said.

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