Austin Pets Alive racing to raise money for long stay dogs

APA Petco Foundation / KEYE

Challenge accepted! For the next two weeks, Austin Pets Alive is racing against the clock to raise some much needed funds.

If the group can raise $10,000 by November 20th, Petco Foundation will match it.

That will be a big help to dogs like Stardust. She's a six year old pup who's called the Austin Pets Alive shelter her home for the last six or seven months.

"Dogs aren't supposed to be in the shelter that long," said Mike Kaviani.

That's why Kaviani and his team are working so hard to expand the dog behavior program.

"Numerous programs, play group, one on one training, volunteer training classes, adoption follow up support, Canine Good Citizens to name a few," he said.

For the last three years, the program has taken dogs basically off death row and into the shelter to start this training.

The focus is getting this last section of shelter pups, the long stays that so many people overlook, trained and adopted. It's working for dogs like Lulu Bella.

"She was in the shelter for about two years," Kaviani said. "She became this awesome CGC dog that's living with a retired couple and getting dressed up in costumes every day."

The Petco Foundation money could help make that a same future a reality for dogs like Brock, Stardust, and so many others. The money would help with training, equipment, and most of all manpower.

"I can't even stress enough how far that would go," Kaviani said.

With two weeks to left, APA says it needs all the help it can get.

You have until November 20th to vote and help Austin Pets Alive get that extra ten thousand dollars from the Petco Foundation.

To donate, click here.

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