Austin Neighborhood Fed Up With Animal House Vacation Home

A rainbow-colored pony, a kangaroo and an angry neighborhood.{} A short term rental home in North Austin is turning a quiet street into a circus-like atmosphere when people rent out the home on Blue Water Drive.{} Neighbors called police, code enforcement and now KEYE TV.{}

"I lose sleep just knowing this happens in this neighborhood," said Neighbor Gary Westerman.{} "It's very disturbing," he said.

Westerman says if kangaroos, rainbow ponies and even goats at the short term rental isn't enough...

"The noise is so loud your bones are vibrating," said Westerman.

"Folks who have children, hear the cursing, the inappropriate language that they didn't sign up for and they have the disruption to their sleep schedules and their evenings well into the night," said River Oaks Neighborhood Association President Angela Pineyro de Hoyos.

No one lives at the home.{} Owner Randy Willis advertises it as a 5,840 sq. ft. luxury home for weddings and classy parties staring at $500 per night.{} On one website listing, he claims the neighbors are okay with renters and have never complained.{} But that's not what neighbors tell KEYE TV.

"We're very quiet, next to a 250 acre hike and bike park which is not where you would find a party house on a regular basis," said Pineyro de Hoyos.

Police shut down a SXSW party last March.{} A sign above the garage said 21 to drink and 18 years old to spend the night.{} There were hundreds of people at the party according to neighbors.{} But a month later in April, Willis got his short term rental license anyway and kept operating.{} Austin Code can deny, suspend or revoke the license.

After the SXSW party, Willis told the neighborhood via Facebook that he would stop the parties and would even donate money to the neighborhood association.{} But Pineyro de Hoyos says he has not followed-through on any of his promises.

The City of Austin told{}KEYE TV, when they checked the house just last weekend, everything was quiet and no violations were found.

"The code needs to be changed to better define what 75 decibels is, four unrelated people. You need enforcement you don't just have to have code," said Westerman.

Westerman contested his property taxes because of the party house and hopes the city will listen.

"Who wants to buy a house next door to something like this?" said Westerman.

KEYE TV contacted the home's owner, Randy Willis by phone.{} He said he would call us back and never did.{} He did pull down all the online listings for the vacation home after KEYE TV called him.

In July, Austin Code is cracking down on short term rental violations.{} From 10pm to 4am on Fridays and Saturdays, crews will patrol known problem properties and respond to complaints called into 3-1-1.{} Code will report this month's findings to the city council and the public.{} The city council and code enforcement have been getting an increase in emails and complaints about short term violations across the city.

By Lindsay Liepman

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