Austin cab driver must pay rider punitive damages for stabbing incident

Jose Herrera was attacked back in March of 2014. (Photo courtesy: Carlson Law Firm)

An Austin cab driver who stabbed a rider must now pay approximately $1 million in punitive damages.

Jose Herrera was attacked back in March of 2014 by Sherman Wilkins. Herrera was riding home in an Austin Cab Company taxi from 6th Street to South Congress when Wilkins stabbed him and robbed him.

The fight was after Herrera and his friends disagreed over the $149 cab fare.

A jury found Wilkins had acted with malice, and punitive damages were awarded against him for $1.02 million.

"I think the message is the case. I think when you put somebody behind the wheel of a common carrier, people who are going to come into contact with the public, that the people you put in that position are safe," said Todd Kelly, and attorney with Carlson Law Firm.

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