Austin builder chosen for Cedar Park Bell Blvd. development

Cedar Park unanimously decided on a developer for a new mixed use project along a part of Old Highway 183. (Renering courtesy: City of Cedar Park)

Cedar Park unanimously decided on a developer for a new mixed use project along a part of Old Highway 183.

The Austin-based company, RedLeaf Properties, was chosen by the city to be the master developer for Cedar Park’s Bell Boulevard district.

“One of the things that was striking to all of us is how much time you had spent here. We could tell you had put a lot into coming out into the community physically and learning about it so it felt more like a relationship and less like a transaction,” said Mayor Van Arsdale on the developer during Thursday’s city council meeting.

The developer has worked on projects in East Austin’s Mueller area and the renovation for ACC Highland.

For the next few years, Cedar Park is planning to develop a mixed use development with shops, restaurants, offices and possibly a new public library throughout a park. The conceptual renderings show the development would run along a new alignment of Bell Boulevard from Buttercup Creek Boulevard to Park Street.

“Since we’re a relatively new community it’s also the first area that's kind of ripe for redevelopment,” said Assistant City Manager, Katherine Caffrey.

Like much of Central Texas, Caffrey said while Cedar Park is showing signs of a growing community, the area of Bell Blvd. is the only section in Cedar Park that’s seen a decline in sales tax.

“So not only is this an exciting place for people to come and visit but we want this to be an area for businesses to return to because they feel like we’ll be successful there,” said Caffrey.

Some businesses along Bell Blvd were encouraged to see plans of commercial life in the growing city get underway but development has given them reason to relocate.

Danica Meyer, the general manager of Moonie’s Burger House, said the development was an “excellent idea” but she said the restaurant will have to move. “We won’t go far, so it will still help us out,” said Meyer.

Next door at Shufu Massage, General Manager Roy Hernandez was uncertain how the development would impact his business that’s been open for only a year. He said he plans to uproot and move north to Whitestone Blvd.

“It’s a little bit hard for some people to come and get out,” said Hernandez. “That is a bit of a deterrent in term of the traffic.”

The city plans to be in negotiations for much of 2019 but Caffrey said construction could start in late 2019 and go into 2020.

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