Austin bluegrass group celebrates Grammy nomination

CBS Austin

Austin bluegrass group Wood & Wire is celebrating its first ever Grammy nomination. The group got its start in Austin about seven years ago.

“My phone started exploding and I didn’t get anything done that day,” said singer Tony Kamel.

They were nominated for best bluegrass album of the year. If you’re new to the genre, they said you shouldn’t let the stereotypes hold you back.

“This music is for everyone,” said Kamel. “It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you look like or who you love, the bluegrass scene will welcome you with open arms.”

In Los Angeles at the show, these guys hope to meet some of their inspirations.

“For me, Marcus Miller a great bass player,” said bassist Dominic Fisher. “I hope to meet him and have a beer and say hello.”

But they’ll never forget their roots and the city that made it all possible.

“No one does anything by themselves. And we certainly couldn’t have gotten to where we are without the fans and the citizens of Austin,” said Kamel.

Unfortunately, Wood & Wire didn’t take home the win. But you can catch them at an upcoming show:

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