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Austin City Council ready to offer guidance on Project Connect

ATX Council ready to offer guidance on Project Connect (Photo: CBS Austin)
ATX Council ready to offer guidance on Project Connect (Photo: CBS Austin)
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Austin has been so focused on the recent Prop B vote moving the homeless out of downtown that we haven’t given Project Connect much thought.

Last November, voters approved $7 billion in bonds minus whatever the feds reimburse us.

Many Austin voters thought they were voting on a transportation plan when they approved the project last year, but moving people from point A to point B was just part of the plan.

Today, the Austin City Council is expected to direct the city manager to work with capital metro to encourage what they call "equitable transit-oriented development" along the new transit routes. Simply put, the city wants to encourage affordable housing and other development that will let more people live and work near the new rail and bus services.

CapMetro CEO Randy Clarke talked about this after project connect passed last year.

He explained, “To me, transit is always bigger than the trains and the buses. It’s really creating the city you want to live in. A city that's more livable, more walkable, more equitable, better air quality."

Having seen the redevelopment of East Austin replace older affordable neighborhoods with pricier condos and apartments, the city council is keeping an eye on what's called "community displacement." They want to make sure the changes coming along the new project connect routes include affordable and diverse housing options.

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The voters in last year's election were all about equity and fairness plus many were young. So, they're counting on affordable housing options along the new Project Connect routes they'll be paying down for a long time.

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