APD seeks help finding driver who hit woman in crosswalk on East Riverside

Abbie Spritzer is recovering in the hospital after a driver hit her in a crosswalk on east Riverside Dr. and sped off. (Photo: CBS Austin)

The Austin Police Department is asking for help to find the driver who hit a woman in a crosswalk and sped off.

Police are still investigating the hit-and-run crash on Saturday just before 9 p.m. on East Riverside Dr.

On Thursday, investigators say they heard from witnesses a dark-colored mid-sized SUV crashed into the woman while she was crossing a crosswalk. Witnesses say the woman flew into the air and landed on another vehicle.

The driver who hit her sped off. Police say they don’t have video or a license plate number for that vehicle. They’re asking for the public’s help to identify that driver.

The woman hit is 34-year-old Abbigale Spritzer. On Thursday, she was still recovering in the hospital with injuries to her legs and head.

"My right leg has got a rod in it and pins to hold it together,” Spritzer said on her hospital bed.

Spritzer said she doesn’t really remember getting hit. She didn’t find out until she woke up in the hospital that the driver sped off.

She said that wasn’t surprising. "I'm extremely angry. I'm furious,” Spritzer said.

It’s been a tough few days as Spritzer recovers both physically and mentally from the crash. She’s still trying to make sense of what happened.

That’s why finding the driver who hit her would mean the world. "I don't know what it is, I don't know what it'll take but that would be most grateful. That would be something I won't have to think about anymore,” Spritzer said.

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