APD searching for indecent exposure suspect in South Austin

Austin Police are looking for a man who they say exposed himself to multiple women in South Austin. (CBS Austin)

The Austin Police Department is looking for the public's help in locating a man involved in several South Austin indecent exposure incidents.

The crimes have been happening in a residential area near Machaca Road and Frate Barker Road.

Police are investigating six incidents between Thursday, September 21 and Monday, October 2 where a male reportedly exposed his genitalia to women that are working outside their homes or walking/jogging in the neigborhood.

According to police, the suspect is either walking or jogging with a cell phone in his hand, which he uses to illuminate his genitals.

Police want to catch the man as soon as possible because crimes like this could escalate to something worse.

"These types of incidents the department takes very seriously because they can be a precursor to a more serious crime something like sexual assault so again that's why we stress it's very important that if you see something like this that you call 911 immediately so officers can respond and hopefully locate this individual," said Officer Destiny Winston.

Residents in the Cantebury Trails neighborhood say the suspect has exposed himself there several times and are on high alert.

"It happened to one of my neighbors down the street and the whole community is just kind of really pulling together and keeping their eye out for this guy so that we can stop it and hopefully get information to the police to help," said a resident who asked to remain anonymous.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic make in his late teens to early 30s, 5'8" to 5'11" and weighing 180 to 210 lbs.

He has been seen wearing a baseball cap, shorts, shirt or muscle shirt, socks and dark shoes.

It is possible that this suspect has exposed himself to other women that have not filed a police report. Austin Police are asking victims to please make a report.

Anyone that has any information about these incidents or that has seen someone matching this description should please call the Sex Crimes Hotline at 512-974-5095.

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