APD asking for help identifying driver who hit, dragged 14-year-old

New surveillance video shows a 90's white Ford Ranger after APD says the driver hit and dragged a 14 year old and sped off. (Photo: APD)

The Austin Police Department is asking for help to find the driver of a truck who hit and dragged a 14-year-old boy, then sped off.

It’s been nearly four months since 14 year old Angel Trevino was hit by a truck on Webberville Road near Bedford Ln. in East Austin. His mom says she’s lucky to still have her son around, but it’s been a long road of recovery and he’s still working to get better.

“I’m disabled now and I can’t even do my work at school,” Trevino said. “It sucks because I can’t do anything like I used to.”

On Wednesday, he walked by the spot he was hit for the first time since the crash. He said he feels like he has a bad feeling in the area like it may happen again.

He held his emotions in, but after he was asked about what it would mean to capture the driver who hit him, he broke down in tears.

He later explained why that brought up so much emotion. “I got to live my life like this, he has to live his life like just normal and everything,” Trevino said.

APD detective Adrian Duran has been working to find that driver of the truck that hit Trevino. Duran found multiple surveillance camera videos showing multiple angles of the truck driving away after the crash.

However, months later Duran still hasn’t identified the driver. He hopes someone will recognize that truck in the video.

“You’ve helped us in the past, I believe we have a good relationship with the public especially when it comes to children getting injured so I just want to put it out there, if you’ve seen this vehicle if you know this vehicle, if you know anything about this, feel free to call the police department,” Duran said.

Duran said he’s not giving up on the case. He said it’s a little more personal because it involves a child.

“It’s hard you try to keep these cases away from your personal life, but we’re human and so some of these cases, they kind of hit you where you life because you have children as well,” Duran said.

Duran said the truck appears to be a 90s white Ford Ranger with a possible box in the bed of the truck.

Trevino is saving everything he can related to the crash. That includes hospital documents, his hospital wristbands and a bracelet someone gave him at the hospital.

“I guess it means everything because it has praying oil, so does this necklace. That’s why I never take it off,” Trevino said.

He wants to tell a story about his crash later in life. He hopes the story ends with the driver behind bars. “I just need help finding him because he hit me and he got away with it,” Trevino said.

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