APD arrests woman for shoplifting at a Dollar General store in NE Austin

(Photo Courtesy: Austin Police Department)

The Austin Police Department says a woman was arrested for shoplifting at a Dollar General store located in Northeast Austin.

According to an affidavit, on December 22, 2017 APD received a call for service at 6729 Manor Rd. The call reported that a female was at the Dollar General store shoplifting. Police say that upon arrival the store’s manager and the suspect were still pushing one another.

APD say that it appeared as if the manager was attempting to keep the suspect in the store and the suspect was trying to unlock the door to leave the place.

The suspect was identified as 30-year-old Kendra Parker.

According to police, the manager stated that Parker was putting items into bags. Records indicated that the manager confronted the suspect when Parker started walking towards the front door past the last point of sale.

Parker dropped one of the bags in the process. The manager claims that Parker tried to get away from her, but she locked the front door of the store to prevent Parker leave the store with the items.

While struggling with Parker, the store’s manager sustained scratches to her hand. According to the employee, the suspect was still in possession of the property when she caused the injuries to the manager’s hand.

When police arrived, Parker was found in possession of property belonging to the store.

The total value of the items came to $45.47. Some of the items included; chapstick, two pairs of gloves, 2 bottles of lotion, 3 toothbrushes and Slim Jim meats sticks.

Parker was arrested and charged with robbery. The suspect was transported to the Travis County Jail. Her bond was set at $5,000.

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