Angels Afoot gives Austin parents an affordable way to pay for kids' toys

Deeply discounted toy stores are being set up in north, south and east Austin (Photo: CBS Austin)

Christmas is a financial struggle for some Austin families. Parents want to buy toys for their kids, but they just can't afford them. It’s why deeply discounted toy stores are being set up in north, south and east Austin. The Angels Afoot stores are a way for parents to buy presents at a fraction of the retail price.

“It's about dignity,” said Aaron Foor, Outreach and Missions Pastor at Riverbend Church. “There are lots of organizations that give gifts to kids and we are thankful for them beyond belief, but there's something special about a parent giving that to their kids.

The donated toys at Riverbend Church will be taken to one of three temporary toy stores in mid-December.

In 2017, long lines of parents waited for the chance to find and buy the perfect gifts for their kids. Toys that retail for $20, $30 even $40 dollars could be bought for $1, $3 or at the most $5 dollars.

“I had a dad come up to me in tears, it was very emotional, and he just shared with me that it's been eight years since I've been able to buy gifts for my kids. For him to have the ability to be able to say I'm going to give this to my kids was just a great thing for him,” said Foor.

The toys collected by Angels Afoot will be on sale December 15 and 16. The program ensures that hundreds of children will get presents, but not before their moms and dads get a gift of their own.

“For me it gets back down to the idea of dignity as a parent. We want to give that to people,” said Foor.

Toy donations can be dropped off at Riverbend Church. They will be sorted and tagged and taken to the Angels Afoot temporary toy stores.

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