Alli on the Job - 3D Robotics

Alli on the Job - 3D Robotics (KEYE TV)

Drones are the latest and greatest in technology. One company is pushing the limit on what these little flying robots can do. This 'Alli on the Job' takes me to 3D Robotics in Austin. 3DR is constantly pushing the envelope, engaging their users, making new videos, and testing prototype accessories for their drones, including the world's first smart drone, Solo. CRO Colin Guinn tells me, "You can create these really amazing shots that looks like you had a professional drone crew out there, but really you had a Solo in your backpack and you've been flying for a week."

Their office is located right next to the 360 bridge, overlooking Lake Austin. A perfect setting to test these unmanned aircrafts. The office is high-tech like the gadgets, with a big screen to watch new videos and footage. Most of the people working there are as fit as the drones they work on. Besides sales and marketing, in this office, the 3DR team is checking out new drone accessories and software, editing videos, and tweaking prototypes.

The 3DR solo drone is sold at Best Buy here in the U.S. and also on their website.

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