AISD billion-dollar bond sees little opposition at polls

Austin ISD's $1.1 billion school bond saw little opposition on election day. (CBS Austin)

Austin ISD's $1.1 billion school bond saw little opposition on election day. As of 10:30 p.m. on election night, 69 percent of Austin ISD voters were in favor of the bond. When it officially passes, that will mean big facility improvements for a number of dilapidated campuses.

One of the bond projects includes a new, updated campus for Eastside Memorial High School. Parents there say they feel like their kids are finally getting what they deserve. Tuesday night members of the Eastside Memorial PTSA gathered at a local restaurant to celebrate. While they know not everyone supported the bond they say they're thankful for those that did.

"Even though we may have some attachments to our schools it's time to think bigger -- outside the box. Voting for a bond is evidence that people, our parents, our community are ready to bring the best kind of campus. For Eastside this is winning the lottery," says Ofelia Zapata, Eastside Memorial High School PTSA president.

Don Zimmerman of the Travis County Tax Payers Union says he's disappointed in the results. He says voters passed on the chance to reject the bond and stand up for affordability.

"We might have 10 to 11 percent of the people voting so ... 90 percent of the voters said nothing, so you're going to get the tax increases. All of the people who didn't vote are going to get those tax increases," Zimmerman says.

The bond proposal includes facility upgrades for a number of AISD elementary and middle schools as well as building an additional middle school in the Mueller neighborhood. The bond also makes room for the Liberal Arts and Sciences Academy to move out of LBJ High School and to its own campus.

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