A year after Waco, bikers to converge in Austin to fight motorcycle profiling

    Motorcycle club members line up in Round Rock to fight motorcycle profiling. (Photo: KEYE TV)

    In Williamson County, motorcycle club members from across the country gathered to support the 170 bikers still waiting for their day in court a full year after the Twin Peaks shootings in Waco. They blame "motorcycle profiling and discrimination" for the arrests and believe they now have a plan to fight it.

    The roar we're used to hearing every June during the Republic of Texas Biker Rally will be joined by another roar this year. You'll also hear bikers unhappy with how they're being treated by police.

    A man who calls himself "Double D" is a spokesman for the National Council of Clubs, an umbrella group for regional motorcycle clubs. He says, "Motorcycle profiling is a national epidemic and it's impacting motorcyclists from coast to coast."

    Motorcycle club members from across the country say they're being singled out just for being bikers. Double D says, "There is a well-established pattern of evidence that law enforcement consistently targets individuals for no other reason than their appearance or their membership in a motorcycle club."

    And motorcycle accident attorney Brent Coon adds, "Texas wants to pass biker profiling legislation so they can pull anybody off to the side of the road and strip search them if they're on a motorcycle. That's wrong!"

    Bikers say they got a taste of that last year after the Waco Twin Peaks shootings. They insist the aftermath would have been completely different if the wait staff or other customers had been killed.

    Coon says, "What happened was some bikers got shot and nobody cared because it was just bikers and they got what they deserved. That's the attitude and that's wrong. That's the stereotype and that's wrong."

    After the ROT Rally, club members will hit the road to lobby their own lawmakers ahead of the next legislative session. They believe they've a shot to defeat motorcycle profiling because some lawmakers are bikers themselves.

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