44 children get forever families during Austin Adoption Day

44 Travis County children joined their forever families Thursday as part of Austin Adoption Day. (CBS Austin)

"It's a good day to be alive in Austin, Texas," said dad Charles Koble.

44 Travis County children joined their forever families as part of Austin Adoption Day.

A drumroll could be heard in the 126th Judicial Courtroom as the adoption was made final for one child. The courtroom erupted into applause.

"When I did my first child welfare case, I knew it was the most important kind of case in the courthouse. Where children lay their heads at night. It truly matters," said Judge Darlene Byrne.

It's the happy ending, that is really just a new beginning.

"Many of these kids have been waiting 23 months or 2 years or more for this day," said Judge Byrne.

Balloons and beanie babies fill the courtroom and the hallways are transformed into a celebration.

"For them to be able to have that forever family on this magical day, we have to celebrate that," said Judge Byrne.

As a final gift the Heart Gallery of Central Texas gives the families, a new family portrait on the lawn of the courthouse.

"We've had him since birth. He came home from the hospital to us, just like his sister," said Dad Charles Koble.

The Koble's adopted 18-month-old Tatum, who joins his sister Alexandria and three older siblings.

"I want them to know they can do anything they want. Just like our other kids," said Mom Jane Koble.

Little man Tate and Alex already had their heart, now they have the same last name.

"The first time you see the papers with their new names on it, that part, this is not the end, this is the beginning," said Jane.

The Koble's participated in a foster-to-adopt program. The monthly average of Texas foster kids waiting to be adopted is 6,400 but just one family can make a difference.

"You hear a lot in the news about the things about what's broken about CPS, but there are a lot of things going right about it too," said Jane.

You can learn more about adoption and meet children ready to find their permanent home by watching CBS Austin Forever Families every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

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