Pets rescued from brutal, inhumane conditions seeking forever homes

    (Photo: San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter)

    The San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter says it is still looking to find permanent home and care for the animals they rescued from a home in Buda.

    In November of 2018, 176 pets were found living in brutal and inhumane conditions. Two people were taken to jail and were charged with ten counts of cruelty to a non-livestock animal.

    “This was the largest seizure case our animal shelter has ever had to deal with, and the deplorable living conditions and poor health of the animals made it even more challenging,” said Animal Services Manager Kara Montiel.

    The animal shelter says some of the animals have died and some others had to be euthanized, however the rest was successfully treated, which they have described it as "an amazing accomplishment."

    The shelter is lowering the adoption fee to $1 for all of the remaining animals in hopes of helping them find a forever home.

    All adoptions include the animal’s spay or neuter, microchip, rabies vaccination, kennel vaccinations, and city license.

    To see a list of all of the animals rescued, their outcome, and pictures from the seizure, please click here.

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