11 women to #PedalThePacific to raise awareness about human sex trafficking

CBS Austin

A group of 11 women led by two recent University of Texas grads are getting behind the wheel to take a stand against sex trafficking. They are using the hashtag #PedalThePacific to help spread their message.

This summer, they will be pedaling down the west coast from Seattle to San Diego to raise awareness about sex trafficking. Their goal is to raise $250,000. That money will go to the Refuge — a ranch and non-profit based in Austin that provides holistic therapy to victims of sex trafficking.

The idea came to co-founders Grace Pfeffer and Savannah Lovel last year.

"We're not cyclists, they're not cyclists so we go slow. We’re not racing,” Pfeffer said. “We take our time and do what we can in all the communities we stop in."

They don’t consider themselves to be athletic, but wanting to spread awareness about the impact os sex trafficking, they decided to put their efforts behind the wheel.

"I'm excited to have a lot of conversations with people, I think the world doesn't know enough about human trafficking,” said Isabel Mayne, who will be riding with the group.

They’ll be stopping in communities to educate people about sex trafficking during their 1,700 mile journey.

"We think it'll take about six weeks. We'll have rest days and fundraisers along the way,” Pfeffer said.

Last year, the group was able to raise more than $60,00 — an achievement they credit to social media.

They also credit the generosity of strangers for helping them reach their goal along the way.

"We had people sending us money on Venmo, saying buy a meal, get a meal, dinner on me, lunch on me, breakfast on me,” Lovel said.

If you’d like to donate to their cause, click here.

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