ON DEMAND: Leadership Austin Engage Breakfast - State and Local Control Issues

The Leadership Austin Engage Breakfast series rolls on, and this month's topic was "State and Local Control Issues."

From the Leadership Austin website:

Who should make decisions for us? A look at state and local control issues
On a daily basis, how impacted do you feel by the policies that local, state and federal officials set? Would the answer be different if you asked your neighbor, your coworkers, the folks across town or your grandmother? We’re all impacted in different ways when policies are established and there is more and more attention being placed on who exactly should be making decisions for us. The discussion between state and local control is heating up in Texas, so join us to hear varying perspectives about the role of government, how it is changing and how we can all play a role in the decisions that impact us most.

Panelists included:

  • Brie L. Franco, Intergovernmental Relations Officer, City of Austin
  • Robert Henneke, General Counsel & Director, Center for the American Future at Texas Public Policy Foundation
  • Dick Lavine, Senior Fiscal Analyst, Center for Public Policy Priorities

For more information on the Engage Breakfast series, click here.

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