Forever Families: Timothy

7-year-old Timothy love Lego, and is looking for a forever family. (Photo: CBS Austin)

7-year-old Timothy loves Lego! He dreams to construct real buildings some day but needs a family's support.

"There you go, that's nice," said the Lego Master Builder at the Lego Store in Barton Creek Square.

Timothy got a chance to build his own Lego creations and play time at the store. Timothy's imagination took flight.

"My favorite part is building. I like to build Lego cities. Cars and trucks," said Timothy.

The sweet second grader got to see the latest Lego sets.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" asked Megan Ransom with Partnerships for Children.

"Being a construction worker," said Timothy.

But part of building a better future is the foundation of a forever family.

"He deserves a family that can do that for him," said Lacy Vavra.

Vavra is Timothy's adoption caseworker.

"He really wants someone to love him and support him no matter what and not give up on him. Because he's been given up on so many times in his life," said Vavra.

Timothy will thrive with a family where he's the youngest child and has health role models to look up to or an only child. He has a younger brother he wants to stay in touch with.

"There's a family out there for him and I'm excited to find that family," said Vavra.

Timothy wants that family too.

"He's a really smart kid that's going places," said Vavra.

You can view Tim's Heart Gallery of Central Texas bio here, a program of Partnerships for Children.

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