Forever Families: Skyler

14-year-old Skyler is in search of a forever family. (Photo: CBS Austin)

14-year-old Skyler loves to make people laugh. At Kiss N' Makeup studio in Austin, she was given a lot to smile about herself. Owner Karen Powanda gave Skyler her first-ever makeover.

"Makes us feel confident. Makes us feel happy. Skyler, look at that. See how pretty that is," said Karen as she applied makeup.

Her eyes are wider and her smile a little bigger but nothing sparkles brighter than Skyler's personality.

"I'm a sweetheart. I'm kind and I'm pretty," said Skyler when asked how her friends would describe her.

Adoption Caseworker Jeanette Rico says Skyler loves to sing, and would thrive with a family where she's center stage.

"She really needs a lot of attention and a lot of love," said Rico.

"I'm ready to be adopted because I need a family that can protect me and how I am," said Skyler.

Which is pretty on the inside and out.

Skyler is featured in The Heart Gallery of Central Texas, a program of Partnerships for Children. You can read Skyler's bio to learn more about adoption. CBS Austin's "Forever Families" airs every Wednesday at 6:30 pm.

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