Forever Families: Marissa & Madisson

Two sisters in unison want one thing: to be adopted together. (CBS Austin)

Two sisters in unison want one thing: to be adopted together.

Madisson describes her older sister as "kind, sweet and loyal."

"God made her for me. She's my best friend and sister," said Marissa.

At the sensory gym, Marissa and Madi laugh more than they talk if you can believe it.

"Either a French Bulldog, a pug or a Chaweenie," said Madi laughing when describing what type of pet she'd like to have.

Marissa is 12 and loves sports, dancing and singing. 11-year-old Madisson loves to sing too. Plus sunsets and art.

"I want to be a foster mom because I'm a foster child and I'm looking forward to being adopted and want to share my stories with them," said Madi.

"Hearing her say that makes me feel like she's had great foster parents in the past and worked on processing what's happened and make that a positive that they can turn around and give back to other people," said Therapist and Case Manager Anne Joseph.

"What would you tell a younger kid whose going through what you've already been through?" asked CBS Austin Reporter Lindsay Liepman.

"There's like a bubble inside of you and if this ball is everything you kept inside, it would keep getting bigger and just explode one day," said Madi.

"Just say these are all of the bubbles I have inside and if I let them all out, they're going to go like this and I'll be a happy person," said Marissa.

"Otherwise you're going to be trapped under all the feelings and emotions," said Liepman.

The girls are wise, have sweet souls and they're ready to embrace a family that embraces them right back.

"They really deserve to have a family to love them. They deserve the credit because they've done so well in their treatment and they're just great girls," said Joseph.

You can read their Heart Gallery of Central Texas BIO. The Heart Gallery is a program of Partnerships for Children. CBS Austin Forever Families airs every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

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