Forever Families: Lyric

13-year-old Lyric is looking for her forever family. (Photo: CBS Austin)

A teen girl gets a lesson in make-up by a world-renown professional make-up artist right here in Austin. Karen Powanda has had celebrity clients but on this day in her Austin studio, Kiss N' Makeup, there's an extra special guest of honor.

"You were rocking that red lipstick a second ago and that was really pretty," said Karen as she started to apply Lyric's make-up.

13-year-old Lyric just moved to another new school. She's been in the foster care system for years with her younger brother 7-year-old Yusuf. Today, she gets to just focus on having fun.

"Let's start with the eyes," said Karen.

"What's your biggest dream?" asked CBS Austin Reporter Lindsay Liepman.

"To be a forensic scientist. Or if not, a make-up artist," said Lyric.

Lyric says she learned some new make-up techniques from Karen as she shows us how to load mascara from side to side and then up.

Lyric has a smile that brightens any room and a heart for a forever family.

"Lots of love. Lots of love. Very special kids," said CPS Adoption Assistant Toni Fitch. Toni has known Lyric and Yusuf for years and says it's important for them to find a home together.

"They just have that sibling bond that will never be broken," said Toni.

Lyric calls Yusuf her mini-me.

"How important is it being with him?" asked Liepman.

"It's very important to me. Even though he's not my only little brother, he's the only one in CPS with me and I don't want to lose him," said Lyric.

Toni hopes this year, they'll find the family they've been waiting for.

"Someone that's gonna love and take care of them and make sure she succeeds in life and give him all the love and care he needs," said Toni.

You can read Lyric and Yusuf's The Heart Gallery of Central Texas bio here. The Heart Gallery is a program of Partnerships for Children.

CBS Austin's "Forever Families" airs every Wednesday at 6:30 pm.

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