Forever Families: Kanzes

Kanzes is a dynamic 9-year-old girl waiting for a forever family. (CBS Austin)

Kanzes is a dynamic 9-year-old girl waiting for a forever family. "I'm trying to get a new family that will love me. Secure roof over my head. Love me as a daughter," she said.

The term fast friends was meant for Kanzes. "Oh, this one's easy," she says as she smells a test tube in the Test Kitchen at The Thinkery children's museum in Austin. "Yeah, lemon, yeah it has to be lemon," she said.

We wafted and wondered about what her forever family will be like. "I always dreamed to sing. I don't really have a good voice," said Kanzes with a smile.

"Are you sure?" asked CBS Austin Reporter Lindsay Liepman. "I'm sure," said Kanzes with a smile.

Kanzes brightens every room. Her friends, and there's a lot of them, describe her as kind, generous and honest. "I have this sticker thing that says wild and free because I am wild and free," she said.

Amanda Apperley is her adoption case worker. "That is definitely a part of her spirit. She is able to bond with people and continue to love them regardless of how she's been treated. She's very resilient and doesn't hold a grudge," said Apperley.

Kanzes says police, firefighters and doctors inspire her the most. "Because they help people that if they get hurt, they can fix it. They inspire me because they help me," said Kanzes.

She loves math and science, koalas and Halloween. And...bunk beds. "Sometimes you get bunks and I love to be on the top bunk," said Kanzes.

Kanzes is a dream catcher and being a daughter is her biggest dream yet. "At least I have a home to live in. A bed to sleep in. A roof over my head. That's all I want. I don't want to live on the street or have any issues like that. I just want a happy life and live on with my dreams and my family I might find pretty soon," she said.

Kanzes is part of The Heart Gallery of Central Texas. You can view her bio here, and watch Forever Families on CBS Austin News at 6:30 pm every Wednesday to meet Central Texas children ready for adoption made possible by Partnerships For Children.

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