Forever Families: Jimmy

Jimmy is looking for a forever family (Photo: CBS Austin)

Jimmy is a young historian in the making. At 12-years-old he knows more background on the United States armed forces than most his age.

He shared his passion on the topic with our CBS Austin crew, while touring Camp Mabry’s Texas Military Forces Museum.

Jimmy said he enjoys reading books on the country’s history, and plans to one day give back to those who have served to protect it.

“It’s just that I care for my soldiers, if I become a Marine I’ll just like fight until I die,” said Jimmy.

Jimmy’s case worker Sarah Sullivan said the young boy has a big heart for everyone.

“He is so caring and he is so polite, and he just shows love to people so easily, and he just wants to have that love shown back to him,” said Sullivan.

While viewing historic items from past wars, Jimmy expressed his support for the Texas Longhorns too.

He represented his love for the team by wearing a burnt orange shirt to the occasion.

Jimmy hopes his future family will be fans of the sport too.

Forever Families airs every Wednesday on CBS Austin.

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