Forever Families: Jeremiah

Jeremiah is in need of a Forever Family. (Photo: CBS Austin)

It was a great day to catch your first fish on Lake Travis. Centex Bass Tours Guide and Bass Fisher Preston Danna gives 16-year-old Jeremiah the first fishing rod he's ever held.

Minutes later, he snags one.

"Your first fish Jeremiah," said CBS Austin Reporter Lindsay Liepman.

Jeremiah smiles big.

"What would be your perfect day?" asked Liepman.

"Not going to school," he said.

"Skipping school and going fishing," said Liepman and Jeremiah laughing.

But Jeremiah does work hard at school because he has career goals. His biggest dream is to become an engineer.

"He loves to work with his hands. He's a really helpful guy and really hard working. I think he's going to go far in his career whatever he chooses to do," said Adoption Caseworker Amanda Apperley.

Apperley believes Jeremiah will do great things.

"How important is it to find a good match at this age?" asked Liepman.

"It is critical to find an adoptive placement that would be supportive of his education needs," said Apperley.

Jeremiah is respectful, tender-hearted and talkative around friends who describe him as a good person.

"He's a nurturing person and I think with the right guidance, he's going to have the ability to do a lot in his life," said Apperley.

You can view Jeremiah's Bio at The Heart Gallery of Central Texas, a program of Partnerships for Children. CBS Austin's "Forever Families" airs every Wednesday at 6:30 pm.

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