Forever Families: IKEA hosts Heart Gallery Exhibit

The Heart Gallery of Central Texas exhibit is hosted at IKEA in Round Rock. (Photo: CBS Austin)

The latest display at IKEA in Round Rock isn't a new furniture set. It's to help find homes for Central Texas foster kids. The employees are experts at assembly as they unpack boxes and drill the display together.

"Every time IKEA calls we're like when can we be there?" said Megan Ransom of Partnerships with Children.

For the fourth time, IKEA is hosting the Heart Gallery of Central Texas exhibit, which shows the smiles and beautiful hearts of local children waiting to be adopted. IKEA's service reaches across the world and down the street.

"We also want to be a good neighbor in our local communities," said IKEA Loyalty Manager Natasha Vaughan-Johnson.

Photographer and Heart Gallery Administrator Marilynn Griggs says it makes an impact.

"People really will be inspired by this and as administrator I'll answer the emails that come in and they'll say things like I never even thought about adopting until I saw these portraits," she said.

The exhibit travels to local businesses, churches and other groups raising awareness for the hundreds of children waiting for forever families.

"These children are part of our community. They are raising awareness and supporting that and showing they care for the community," said Ransom.

If you are interested in hosting the Heart Gallery exhibit, visit their website.

CBS Austin's "Forever Families" airs every Wednesday at 6:30 pm.

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