Forever Families: Holiday Wishes helps foster kids in need

The Young Men's Service League Hills of Westlake Chapteris volunteering to help wrap presents for foster kids in need. (Photo: CBS Austin)

Children are already making their Christmas wish lists right now and children in foster care are no different.

"Y'all will do it. Y'all will get through it," said 9th grader Christian McWilliams.

Christian wraps every present with a purpose.

"Just to have a good life. To come out of what their problems are and just be able to overcome them. That's why we're here to help them be able to do that," said Christian.

He's part of the Young Men's Service League Hills of Westlake Chapter. Instead of taking a break on the holiday, they're volunteering for "Holiday Wishes".

"We get to help kids all the way from going through investigations all the way to kids aging out of care. So we're touching not just one group but pretty much all the kids in CPS," said Katie Young with Partnership for Children.

More than 5,000 kids submitted their list last year. That was 15,000 wishes and they expect the same need again this year.

"We are in need of 800 additional sponsors for kids who are currently in care. So right now that's our biggest need," said Young.

Holiday Wishes is a program of the non-profit Partnerships for Children. Young has been with the organization from the start and one boy's story sticks with her.

"He said I really just want my own toothbrush. And he was 8. He had never had his own toothbrush. Sometimes it's as simple as getting your own toothbrush," said Young.

Once the wishes are wrapped, the caseworkers deliver.

"It is amazing because you know a lot of times the caseworkers job is difficult and they see these kids in the most stressful times in their lives," said Young. "This is a really great time where they're just getting to say. I care about you. Someone in the community cares about you and these are just for you," said Young.

If you would like to help, click here.

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