Forever Families: Christian & Izabella

Christian and Izzy hope to share their big hearts with a forever family whose love is true. (CBS Austin)

The bond between siblings 5-year-old Izabella and 9-year-old Christian is deep.

"They love each other dearly. She looks up to him and wants to be with him every second of the day, and he loves her, protects her, and looks out for her," said adoption caseworker Linda Lowther.

We asked the pair what they want to be when they grow up. Both said a police officer.

"They usually save people," said Christian.

"Could you be partners together?" we asked.

"I don't think that's going to happen," said Christian, while Izzy replied, "Yes!"

"It's a funny relationship. Christian likes to have his space. He's quieter. A reflective little soul. Izzy is high energy. She's very social," said Lowther.

At Typhoon Texas in Pflugerville, Christian barrels down the "big slide," as Izzy calls it. She's just happy playing in cowboy boots.

"I haven't had them for that long, but I'm already in love with them. There's just so much to love about them," said Lowther who works to find them an adoption match.

Lowther says the kids would thrive in an active family that likes to spend time together.

"It's okay for him to have his personality and it's okay for her to have her personality the way it is. It's okay for them to be different. I don't think they always see that and I want that to be encouraged for them," said Lowther.

Christian has a great sense of humor, loves basketball and muppets like Kermit. Izzy likes to pretend.

"She really loves pretend cooking. The first thing she did was went to her play kitchen and said I'm going to make you spaghetti. She was laying out a buffet all the way down to tea," Lowther described one of their visits.

Christian and Izzy hope to share their big hearts with a forever family whose love is true.

"They are such loving children and they just need to find the right fit for them. A permanent home. A permanent placement with people who care for them," said Lowther.

You can view Christian and Izzy's profile at The Heart Gallery of Central Texas website which features hundreds of Central Texas children who are available for adoption. It's is an outreach program of the non-profit organization Partnerships for Children.

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