Bettie's Box Office: Mission Impossible - Fallout Review

If this acting thing doesn’t work out, Tom Cruise has a promising future as a stuntman, as evidenced in Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

Cruise is back for the sixth time as Ethan Hunt, leader of the Impossible Mission Force, an independent espionage agency within the U.S. government. In Fallout, he’s forced to make a split-second decision that ends up putting uranium in the hands of international terrorists. The justifiably bad call also makes his superiors wonder whose side Hunt is really on.

The plot is standard spy movie fare. There are so many crazy plot twists the script could have cut apart and braided. But it’s not the script that will be filling theater seats. More impossible than any mission Hunt accepts, is the fact that Cruise can still pull off being the biggest and baddest ass-kicking spy on the ultra-elite Impossible Mission Force.

What makes this movie worth seeing is the thrilling and tension-filled action scenes. Cruise is committed to increasingly more outrageous stunts – and to doing them himself. From skydiving into thunderstorms to zooming the wrong way between cars in chaotic Paris traffic, Cruise gives it his all and it pays off.

He is joined by a suspicious CIA partner (Henry Cavill), who also packs a pretty mean punch in a fight scene. Together, they circle the globe tracking down the missing uranium and racking up the bad guy body count. The cinematography and action scenes are so good that they’ll keep you from noticing the two and one-half hour running time.

In all, Fallout delivers on the summer blockbuster promise. Don’t expect any script writing awards, but if you want to have a blast for 147 minutes head to the theater.

Mission Impossible - Fallout opens Friday, July 27 and is rated PG-13 for violence and intense sequences of action, and for brief strong language.

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