Beto outspending all politicians on Facebook

A current Beto for Texas advertisement, running on Facebook.

If you think you're seeing a lot of "Beto" videos in your Facebook feed; you are correct.

The O'Rourke campaign is outspending the rest of the nation's politicians in political advertising on the social media platform - more than the Florida governor campaigns, more than Donald Trump PACs, and much more than his rival, Ted Cruz.

The Facebook Ad Archive Report consists of political ads, as well as issue-based ads that have run on Facebook and Instagram.

"Making this report available to the public is part of Facebook's efforts to increase transparency in advertising," Facebook says online.

For the five month period from May to October 27, 2018, "Beto for Texas" has spent $6,350,888.

The next closest chunk of change came from the "Trump Make America Great Again Committee," which spent $3,323,794 in the same time period.

"Ted Cruz for Senate" sunk $520,030 for 344 advertisements that have run.

The Beto ads consist of the loquacious Congressman, talking directly to the camera or walking and greeting crowds of supporters at different venues.

For Sen. Cruz, many of the most recent Facebook ads are boldly red, white, and blue, with a direct message requesting financial support for his campaign.

Doing the math, it means for every dollar Cruz's camp spends on Facebook ads, Beto's supporters spend $12.

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