Sinclair Cares: Adults, don't forget your vaccinations

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    Parents are so concerned about their children's immunizations that they often neglect their own vaccines.

    "What we choose for ourselves also impacts our children," said Dr. Jennifer Mullendore, Health Center Medical Director. "So, if I get my flu vaccine, that's protecting me and also protecting my children or my grandchildren or the children I come in contact with in the grocery store or wherever I'm going in the community."

    In addition to an annual flu vaccine, health officials say adults need:

    • A tetanus booster every 10 years
    • A shingles vaccine for people 50-years-old and older
    • Bacterial pneumonia vaccines for people 65 and older
    • Hepatitis A and B immunizations

    "I would say once people leave school and maybe leave college, It's no like they carry around a shot record with them, so most people don't know what their immunization status is," said Mullendore.

    A 35-page report from the Centers for Disease Control puts it all in perspective. On any given year, only about 45-percent of people get a flu shot. What's more? One third are out of compliance in terms of their tetanus vaccine.

    To bring the numbers up, health experts recommend seeing the same provider annually, discussing vaccinations during the visit and making them a priority to improve your health and the health of those around you.

    If you can't afford the vaccines, many health departments have programs that cover the cost.

    For more information about adult vaccines, check out the CDC's website.

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