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Road Trippin' Llano: Miiller's Smokehouse & Market

Road Trippin' Llano: Miiller's Smokehouse & Market

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Miiller’s Smokehouse & Market is a family-owned business since 1985 located in Llano.There retail store carries an assortment of hand cut fresh meats, stuffed pork tenderloins, chicken; as well as hickory smoked meats made in house including our famous bacon and sausage.

We make it easy to enjoy our smoked meats at home by ordering them on our website.

Hunters can choose from over 30 different products for their harvested animals and can trust that their meat will be handled with care in the USDA inspected facility.

Chances are that you have had Miiller’s sausage while dining out or at a sporting event as it’s wholesaled and distributed throughout the US.

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