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Smokey Mo's Bar-B-Q

Smokey Mo's BBQ

Family Bar-B-Q at it's best!

Smokey Mo (Morris Melchor) and family opened their first location in Cedar park in 2000. Morris has been in the bbq business for about 50 years. He started in 1962 with Longhorn BBQ at the age of 12. (For only $1.32 per hour) A half century later he and his family have really created a great family restaurant with friendly staff and great barbecue.

No matter where you live in Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Leander, Liberty Hill or Round Rock... Chances are that you've at least heard of Smokey Mo's BBQ. The Melchor family has been actively involved with the community since the day they started.

All five of Morris' and Lisa's kids are active in the restaurants. Their family invites you to come and enjoy some good ol' bbq, done right.

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