Fall is the best time for varicose vein evaluations

Bunker Vein & Imaging Center

Q: Why is it a great time right now to start the evaluation of your legs for possible vein disease?

A: Wearing compression stockings, along with the other conservative therapies you will probably be required to try, usually help to greatly reduce symptoms like pain and swelling. So if you get started now, you should be able to focus on enjoying the holidays and time with your family, instead of worrying about throbbing or aching legs. Compression socks or stockings are much tighter than what you'd find at the store, and help to stop the blood from flowing backwards to reduce pain and swelling. But they can be a drag to wear in the summertime, when we're already working up a sweat in shorts and sandals.

Q: What measures meet the insurance requirement of "Conservative Therapy?"

A: Compression stockings during the days when you are up and around, removal in the evening. Follow this by laying flat and elevating your legs on a couple pillows for 20-30 minutes. Exercising and performing foot pumps to contract your calf muscles during the day. Take an anti-inflammatory medication.

Q: Will these measures reverse my vein disease?

A: Unfortunately, these therapies alone are not typically able to provide permanent relief from varicose veins or their symptoms. That's why after you've completed the necessary number of weeks, your insurance company will most likely give you the go-ahead for lasting treatment.

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