Austin Thyroid & Endocrinology - Men's Health Month

Tips for staying healthy as a man:

  • Have your doctor check your testosterone level if you have any of the followings : fatigue, memory loss, lack of drive, low libido, impotence, fractured bones with no trauma, pain treatment, steroid use , alcoholism .
  • Make sure your T level is indeed low before starting treatment. Treated with normal t levels may result in complications
  • Make sure you understand and accept all the complications associated with the treatment
  • Make sure you have a bone density test sine osteoporosis is the silent complications of low T in men
  • Have a thorough check for cholesterol plaque in your heart and / carotid artery if you are over the age 40, have a family history of heart attacks and strokes at an early age, if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol , diabetes or are obese.
  • Men have the same hormones as women do with the exception of testosterone and estrogen. They need to be screened for thyroid, adrenal and other hormones just women are.
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