Austin Thyroid & Endocrinology - Men's Health

What should a man look for when going to the doctor?

Answer: It depends on his age 20-40 year-olds should make sure that they have their routine labs checked and they should have NO symptoms to report . Any fatigue, lack of libido , impotence , depression should immediately be further investigated. After the age of 40 every man should have his cardiovascular risk checked .

Do men need hormones?

Answer: men have the same hormones as women with the exception of testosterone. They may have e thyroid , adrenal , low T , osteoporosis just women do . Do not accept treatment with hormones unless you really have hormone deficiency otherwise it can backfire and harm you.

Any other thoughts for men’s health month ?

Answer: Yes, do not be afraid or embarrassed to report problems to your doctor and be assertive in asking for the following :” Doc , what is my cardiovascular risk ? Am I at risk for a heart attack or stroke ?”

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