Vandegrift football players 'band' together off the field

Vandegrift football players 'band' together off the field (Photo: CBS Austin)

The Vandegrift Football team has talent all over the field, but some of the best talents are the ones not see at football practice.

Four Viper football players learned through Head Coach Drew Sanders, they all share a musical talent. Dale Kuykendall started playing the drums at a young age after a neighbor gave him a drum set. Sam Brod picked up guitar in third grade, and has since started to build his own guitars from scratch. Osorachukwu Ifesinachukwu started playing piano when he was five and picked up the keyboard after entering grade school. And AJ Dickerson joined School of Rock as a bass player, last year.

Football practice takes up most of their time in the fall, but whenever they get the chance to jam, garage band style, they don't pass up the opportunity. Each of them agree that music has taught them a great deal about perspective and balancing priorities, and don't plan to give up their instruments any time soon.