Stony Point Perfection


Every team strives for perfection year in, and year out. This year the Stony Point bowling team made a name for itself with one perfect moment in February.

The Tigers are the team to beat in their district after not losing a single game during the regular season. The cherry on top, was bowling a 300 game, the first time in not only school history, but state history too. "We are the first in the state of Texas to bowl 300" said Salvador Hignojos, the Stony Point Varsity Bowling Coach, "I've talked to other people about it and they can't prove otherwise."

Each player bowls two frames in a game, except for the anchor who bowls three. Stony Point's anchor is freshman Aryton Hignojos, who has altered his form to fit his body. Aryton was born without his left arm, and while he's learned how to adjust, it wasn't always easy.

"It was hard at first, but I had my coach to help me, and I gained confidence as I went" said Aryton.

Aryton's final strike in Stony Point's 300 game was a humbling experience, and earned the team an automatic bid to nationals in Nashville this summer. It will be their final game of the season, and another chance to be perfect again.