Like father, like daughter


Meadow Moses grew up in a blue blood family. Her grandfather, father, and brother all decided to make the police force their career. As for Meadow, she wants to follow in their footsteps, and her dad has a lot to do with her decision.

Corporal Kevin Aigner served with the Travis County Precinct 2 Constable's office for twelve years, and served in law enforcement for fifteen. On September 10th, 2011, Aigner was assisting residents after the Steiner Ranch wild fire when he collapsed. "We didn't get to say goodbye" said Ronya Aigner, Kevin's wife.

Since losing her father five years ago, Meadow says "it's been difficult." She has her family to lean on, "my brother helps me with the law enforcement, and I have my mom to help me through everything else" but nothing can replace her father's absence.

With her family's influence, Meadow joined the Travis County Precinct 2 Explorer's program to jump start a career in law enforcement. Since then, her father's work family became her family too, which gave Meadow a great idea, "why celebrate them when they're dead, celebrate while they're alive."

After a few weeks of planning, Meadow put together the thin blue line game, a ceremony to honor police officers in the Pflugerville area during the final Hendrickson football game of the regular season. Over thirty officers were celebrated during the pregame events, T-shirts were distributed with black, white, and blue flags on the back, and posters and flags could be seen throughout the stadium to show community support.

With the help of her mom and brother, her cheer team, and her police family, Meadow's actions spoke volumes, and gave the community a reason to celebrate officer's lives everyday, not just after they're gone.