Bob's Blog: It just never flipped for Charlie


During the fourth quarter Friday, as the minutes ticked away on Charlie Strong’s Texas tenure, I turned to a fellow media member and I said – “It's just a bummer.”

When we talked to the Louisville media about Strong prior to his arrival, they told us he just didn't really like dealing with us. Come to find - I couldn't disagree more. Sure, Strong would rather coach football, but in our encounters he was always engaging.

I was standing on the sideline before Texas-OU this year and unprompted, coach came over just to say hello. And when the adversity hit around that time, I found myself rooting harder for Strong than just about anyone I’ve ever covered.

Strong stood firm behind his beliefs throughout his three-year tenure, and nothing I can say right now can explain how much I hope he finds success wherever he goes next. He's a good man that was so close to flipping things. It just never flipped.