Bob's Blog: Harrison the Hero

Harrison Brown. (Courtesy of Reba Atkins)

Never is there something to die for, but always is there something to live for.

The Washington Nationals scored a lot of runs last week, and on the website, they discussed the team's heroic performances.

A headline on discussed Anthony Martial making a heroic goal-line block to deny Wayne Rooney a goal.

And on, it was Jimmy Govern who earned the term - heroic - he had a go-ahead home run in the 9th.

Not bashing on any of these publications at all, because that's what we do in the sports world. We deem things heroic. In the sports world often times - they are.

Defining heroic is much easier outside the sports world though, when you find out more about good people like Harrison Brown. Harrison volunteered at the ALS Association of Texas offices, and even performed live music for patients at the holiday party.

He was involved with ALS - because his dad has ALS - and is in hospice because it's attacked him very quickly.

Harrison didn't necessarily do anything out of the ordinary, but sometimes you don't have to - to earn the label heroic.

A few of the social media posts about him give perspective to his life:

Harrison was the guy everyone looked up to.
Harrison was an amazing soul.
Harrison was the most sincere, precious, loving, funny person.

And probably the best – Harrison asked his prom date out by spelling out the word "PROM" in salt at a restaurant.

Harrison and his brother walked their dad across the finish line at the Walk to Defeat ALS last year. It was one of the more emotional moments any of us could remember at an ALS walk.

And in a talk he made through the ALS Association - because this is what heroes do - Harrison called his mom “Superwoman” because of the way she's held the family together and taken care of her husband through his battle with the disease.

Heroes are everywhere in our daily lives. Sure, we see them in sports. But the true heroes are families like the Browns. And men like Harrison. And women like his mom.

Never is there something to die for, but always is there something to live for.

That's what Harrison shared as his life motto in that talk he gave earlier this year.

Sounds pretty heroic to me.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the browns as they continue their battle.

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