South Carolina inmate captured at Cedar Park motel with guns, cash

Escaped South Carolina inmate Jimmy Causey was captured in Cedar Park early Friday morning. DPS says he had guns and $46,000 cash in his possession. (Photos: Williamson County Jail/Texas Department of Public Safety)

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- Prison officials in South Carolina say an inmate has been captured in Texas after a second escape from a maximum security prison.

The South Carolina Department of Corrections said in a Twitter message around early Friday that 46-year-old inmate Jimmy Causey is in custody.

Agency spokeswoman Sommer Sharpe says Causey was arrested by the Texas Department of Public Safety around 3 a.m. Friday.

According to the U.S. Marshals Service, Causey was arrested in Cedar Park at a Motel 6 in the 800 block of Arrow Point Drive.

Jail records indicate Causey is booked in the Williamson County Jail.

The Texas Department of Public Safety says Causey had two guns and more than $46,000 in cash when he was caught.

Clyde Houston is the operations manager for the Motel 6 in Cedar Park where Causey was arrested. He said Causey's check-in was fairly normal and didn't raise any red flags.

"He checked in rather late," said Causey. "Nobody knew anything about him. From what I gather, he paid cash for the room."

Houston said he was surprised to learn Causey had more than $46,000 cash on him, as well as two loaded guns and a fake ID.

Houston said despite Causey being surrounded by other hotel guests, most guests were unaware anything happened. He commended the Lonestar Fugitive Task Force for making a swift and safe arrest.

Deputy US Marshal Brandon Filla said the motel helped the arrest go seamlessly.

"The Motel 6 left the light on, and it helped us out," said Filla. "We were able to get him at a disadvantage, while he didn't see our presence coming towards him. When he woke up, we were already in hands reach."

South Carolina Corrections Director Bryan Stirling says Causey used a cellphone to arrange his escape, and a drone likely dropped the wire cutters Causey used to cut through four fences at the Lieber Correctional Institution on July 4.

Stirling says Causey was likely gone from prison for 18 hours before guards noticed a dummy was placed in his bed.

Causey was in prison at Lieber after a judge in 2004 gave him five life sentences for holding Columbia-area attorney Jack Swerling and his family hostage at gunpoint in their home in 2002. Causey's life sentences were for three kidnapping charges, plus an armed robbery and first degree burglary charge.

He has a lengthy criminal history, rivaled closely by his record of misbehavior in prison. He has also escaped a maximum security South Carolina prison once before and was captured three days later.

Authorities are still trying to determine how Causey got out of the South Carolina prison.

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