Sheriff: Trump's executive order 'changes nothing'

(KUTV) Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder said President Trump's executive order will not change the way local law enforcement handles undocumented immigrants.

Winder called a press conference Wednesday afternoon to reassure the public Trump's federal immigration law will not have an impact on the county or the federal funding the district receives.

"The only entities that are affected by the new executive order are jails. Citizens have no reason to fear that local law enforcement of any stripe is going to hunt them down," Winder said.

The Salt Lake County Jail alerts Immigration Control and Enforcement when local authorities book a person identified as coming from a country other than the United States.

"On the state level, we are not enforcing immigration," Winder said. "It is the policy of the Executive Branch to ensure that all agencies participate in the full extent of the law."

After charges are handled on a local level, ICE has the option to place a 48-hour hold on the individual. During that time, ICE will alert the person's country of origin and determine what to do next.

Of the more than 29,000 bookings into the Salt Lake County Jail in 2016, ICE placed holds on 660 people and deported 149, according to Winder.

The Attorney General will be notified of any counties who do not follow the new executive order.

"Under the new guidelines, it seems evident that the AG, at his discretion, can brand a particular jurisdiction as out of compliance."

Winder called the press conference as a precaution to reassure the public the hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal money will not get pulled and to reassure foreigners local law enforcement will not be picking them up on the streets.